Five Rainy Day Home Party Ideas

home party activities for a rainy day

Cupcakes are a great rainy day home party activity

Rain is the most problematic aspect of arranging any home party with outdoor activities. A rainy day can ruin party plans before the guests have even arrived and unless you have a covered outdoor space, or a backup inside area – you’re probably best looking for an alternative to an outdoor party.

Inside games can be fun, and with the right accessories found around the house, can offer a memorable experience. So here are our top five rainy day home party ideas for you to organise.

1. Build Your Own Bear Home Party

Well this is the obvious one for us to suggest but it is also a good one. Young children love their teddies, and many will keep them for a long time. My mum still has a teddy from when she was a kid. This craft activity is also easy to set up and pack away and provides a cool take-home gift for guests.

Top tips:

  • Either have the children pre-select their teddies or choose the same one for all guests.
  • Allow plenty of time for your order to arrive.
  • Find a way for guests to remember which teddy they built. You can write on the party bags we provide with each teddy. Any unattended teddies need to be reunited with their adoptive carer quickly.

2. Gaming Tournament And Pizza

Gaming tournaments, whether with a games console, or with board games, are a great way for children to be entertained. Even when not having a turn, most children love to watch these. We’ve created all sorts of gaming tournaments for our children including a Robot Wars event where teams of children added cardboard weapons to Remote Controlled cars and then battled them, to FIFA football matches.

Adding pizza or another popular food to the mix ensures children are well fed.

Top Tips:

  • Keep numbers low so not too many kids aren’t engaged at the same time.
  • Build up anticipation with the invitations, pregaming videos or atmospheric music.
  • Always have some other entertainment for those not taking a turn such as music.

3. Disco And Karaoke

Music is popular with most children, and a disco makes great party entertainment. Children love to get up and sing along to their favourite tracks and dance to the music. It can also be a great bonding event.

You can add atmosphere to the party by using the music in various games such as dancing competitions, X-factor rounds, or musical bumps.

Top Tips:

  • Have a playlist ready to go with songs you know children will love.
  • Add atmosphere with balloons, lights and other decorations.
  • Allow children to participate in singing and dancing competitions if they want to, but allow them to sit out if they don’t feel like it.

4. Traditional Party Games

There are numerous traditional party games which are still favourites with kids. Pass-the-parcel, musical statues, pin the tail on the donkey and a treasure hunt which will liven up any party. Some of the best games also get children excited by giving them the chance to get rewards.

Each of these games are also quick, so children don’t get a chance to get bored.

Top Tips:

  • Ensure you organise your pass-the-parcel carefully, so you don’t have too many layers, too few layers, or the same child getting too many prizes.
  • Plan the order of games so you know when and how long each game should be.
  • Ensure that any prizes are suitable for all the children attending (dietary requirements, etc.).

5. Cupcake Baking And Decorating

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Many children love the idea of baking and decorating their own cupcakes before eating them later. There are two ways you can do this. You could have them ready baked for decorating. Or the cupcake baking and decorating could be split into two sessions with other activities in between.

Top Tips:

  • Check with guests’ parents about dietary requirements.
  • Give your cupcakes that extra edge by theme decorating with the rest of the party (i.e. teddy bears, animals, etc.)
  • Have extra cakes for an emergency (i.e. one falling on the floor, etc.)

What are your top rainy-day home party ideas for children? Do you have top tips for running a home party? Let us know in the comments below.

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