Moonbeam Collection – 10 Pack – Small (8″)


Are you hosting a children’s party and want a wide selection of teddies? This pre-selected bear kit comes with everything you need for nine guests plus the birthday child. This ten pack contains:

10 x Moonbeam - Small (8")

Moonbeam likes being outside in the dark and enjoys flying under the stars with her Pegasus magic. She often ends up having an exciting adventure but will be just as happy curled up on your bed. Moonbeam is a beautiful, soft teddy. All our teddies arrive ready to be made by you! Our easy, no-sew teddy making kits include a plush teddy skin, soft stuffing, wishing heart, adoption certificate and candy-striped gift bag. Suitable for ages 3 years and over. Due to the design of this character, Moonbeam is not suitable for dressing.

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