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When Should You Send Party Invites?

Arranging your child’s birthday party can be quite daunting! If you plan to host the party yourself, there can be a lot to think about such as activities and venue. Even if you are going to have your party hosted at a location, such as a play centre, there can still be plenty to organise such as the party invites, cake, and party bags.

Your child may have an idea of who they want to invite, and you’ll have an idea of numbers dependent on cost, venue, age, etc. Once you’ve chosen guests you need to choose your party invites which could be generic or themed (check out our free downloadable party invites here).

You’ve then got to decide when to send them.

I’ve always found when planning a party that it’s a good idea to check the date provisionally with parents of friends and those you know. I don’t do this with everyone, but it just helps to make sure there’s limited disappointment from close friends not being able to attend and will hopefully ensure you get good numbers.

When To Send Party Invites

So, when should you send the party invites? The general consensus suggests that between 3 to 4 weeks is the optimum time for sending party invites. It shouldn’t be less than two weeks, and I think many parents will have plans within two weeks. If you send the invite with over a month’s notice, there is the chance that your party will, unfortunately, be forgotten.

However, those that are planning a birthday during a holiday, like Christmas time, Easter or summer holidays, for example, will need to consider that people might need more notice. Especially if you don’t want your child to be disappointed that a best friend can’t come.

Good luck with your party planning, let us know when you sent your party invites and how you got on. And don’t forget to check out our free party invites here!

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