Party activity ideas for the new school year

Birthday Party Activity Ideas For This New School Year

With most children back at school last week, the new school year has started in full swing. Your kitchen side will soon be full of letters and club slips, and it might not be long until your child starts receiving party invites.

If your child’s birthday is coming up soon, you might be starting to think about what they would like to do for their birthday party.

If your son or daughter would like a home party, it can be daunting to think of enough activities to fill the standard two-hour party slot, what with food and a few games it can still be a struggle to think of enough to do.

Here are some suggestions for primary school children parties (please note – ideas not expected to suit everyone!):

A Craft Activity

A craft activity can be really successful, such as making fairy wands, decorating wooden boxes with sticker gems, sticker scenes or sand art. One advantage is that it gets the children to sit down and have rest, though It might just take you a little longer to tidy up at the end!

Hold a Mini Olympics

Put the children into small teams and have them go around several sports, such as egg and spoon race, throwing a bean bag the furthest, etc. These items are all quite easy to find in toy shops, especially in the summer. See more tips here on Activity Village.

Bean Bags in a Hoop

One of the most popular party games we ever did for our son when he was in the younger years of primary school was for them to take turns to try and throw three bean bags (one at a time) into a hoop on the floor (there was a sweet available per win!). Again, these are quite easy items to find in a toy shop.

A Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt can be really exciting. You can tailor this activity to the age of the child, for example, younger children could find an item together or lots of hidden items, while older children could search for clues that are written in riddles.


Older kids will have great fun jumping up and down, dancing and singing to karaoke whichever way you set it up. Consider adding some disco lights to add to the effect!


You could hire a pitch at your local sports centre, and a hall for something to eat, or for younger children use an inflatable ball and goals if you’ve hired a hall or using your garden.

Balloon Making

Get yourself a balloon making kit and create balloon animals for your guests. Children love balloons and these make great take-home gifts with some other goodies.

Mystic the Unicorn Teddy or Perhaps Blue the Dog Teddy?

Well, we had to mention it somewhere lol! You can order complete build your own bear kits for home or to take with you to a hired location. At Party Teddies, our make a bear party kits come with stuffing, full instructions, a wishing heart, an adoption certificate and a gift bag to take the finished teddies home in. We offer a wide range of bears, other animals and characters available, including Blue the Dog, Bamboo the panda, Mystic the Unicorn and Treacle a lovely brown bear full of character.

Wishing you and your Child a Great Start to a New School Year

We hope your children settle well into the new school year and if you have any great party ideas for primary aged school children, please share them in the comments below.

Birthday Party Activities This New School Year
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Birthday Party Activities This New School Year
If your child’s birthday is coming soon, you might be starting to think about what they would like to do for their party. Here are some party activity ideas.
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