Great Low-Cost Activities To Do In The Half-Term Holidays

Despite our best intentions as a parent to plan holiday activities in advance, it can be a struggle to think of enough activities to keep your kids engaged in the half-term holidays. Here’s a few of our favourite activities, please let us know your great ideas in the comments and we’ll add the best ones to this blog!


Lots of children love swimming, remember to pick up a holiday schedule in advance and check out if there are any discounts applied at certain times of the day. Some leisure centres have gyms attached with over 13 years’ sessions, a trendy option for older kids (especially if they’ve gone off swimming).

Visit Your Library

May kids love going to the library, but sometimes it can fall a bit short. Have a plan for something you’d like to research, perhaps you’re considering a new pet, or deciding where to go on holiday. Get the kids involved and ask them to search for books relating to your project. I often reserve books in advance of the holidays to save any disappointment.

Go Beach Combing

Collecting gems from the shoreline can be such good fun. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to live on a coastline where you might find a prehistoric relic such as a shark’s tooth or some fossilised wood. You could collect shells and driftwood for an indoor display or for craft.

Practise Sketching

You can pick up a sketch book for each child quite cheaply. Make sure you’ve got a stock of pencils, rubbers, sharpeners etc. Take it in turns to pose for and draw each other. We had great fun, you need a thick skin if your brother draws you looking like an alien from Star Wars, but it is a good bonding experience!

Alternatively, you could try drawing your favourite Teddy or family pet.

Grow Some Plants

Much easier than it sounds. Visit the garden centre, or supermarket, or household retail shop.  You don’t need to spend much; many shops sell affordable compost. Collect some yoghurt pots, the large family pots are good or just purchase a few trays from the garden centre. Get the kids to choose a couple of easy plants to grow. Then you’ve got an activity for the morning (sourcing the garden items) and the afternoon (growing them)!

Many garden centres have seeds available that are easier for kids to grow if you’re not particularly green-fingered yourself. Another option is to get your kids to choose seeds to grow that will provide food for your family pet, or to choose their favourite salad or veg to grow.


We hope you’ve been having fun on your half-term holidays, here’s a few ideas if you have run out of ideas for things to do. Let us know what great ideas you’ve had for half-term activities in the comments.

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