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Decoration Ideas for your Home Party

Looking for some ideas for decorations at your DIY home party? Here are six to consider:

1. Collect Posters from Kids Magazines

If you’re planning a superhero party for example, or animal themed party, keep a look out for magazines with posters and lots of pictures that you could pop up on the wall.

If you’re feeling really creative, you could use the rest of the small pictures to make a custom-made poster. Cut out lots of the smaller pics from the magazine and stick them onto a piece of A3 card to make a collage. Either write a large hand-written message or print one saying something along the lines of; Happy Birthday James! 5 today!

2. Balloons

Balloons are great in groups of threes, a bunch from the top of each curtain pole looks good. Just make sure there’s no loose string hanging down and that they are safe and secure. A few loose ordinary balloons can act as entertainment while guests arrive, but bear in mind some kids might try to burst them which others might not appreciate!

Helium balloons can look really appealing but whether they will be suitable or not for your home party depends on the age of the children, also remember that many children will feel inclined to kick balloons or drag them around if they’re on a string!

3. Table Cloths

Buy a cheap coloured tablecloth to cover the table, and you might appreciate a second so you can scoop up the whole lot after the craft and replace with a fresh table cover for food or vice versa. If it’s disposable simply throw it away and if you are using a wipe down reusable tablecloth you can clean it up when you’ve got time after the party!

You can buy birthday sequins to scatter over the table if they are age appropriate.

 4. Use the Gifts to Decorate

Many play centres put a table aside for guests’ gifts to go on. This is a great idea if you have a spare side in your room or can fit in a small additional table. Just pop all the kid’s gifts on, and it will add to the atmosphere. Just predetermine with your child when they’re allowed to open them!

If you don’t want to use the gifts guests are bringing, why not decorate your table with the party favours or gift bags.

5. Party Banners

There is a lot of choice out there for party banners, and they are usually quite affordable. Some birthday banners will be reusable so they can come out for all your children’s parties or every year.

If you don’t want to buy a birthday banner, you can always make one. While this is time-consuming, it can be the decoration that stands out every time. Try cutting out coloured paper in triangles and attach to string for homemade bunting.

6. Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain is a great feature and creates plenty of excitement! Just check for guest’s allergies and intolerances, but otherwise, it will defiantly give a party feel!

Be sure that when it comes to the chocolate fountain, there is a quick and easy way to clean up sticky hands and faces. Provide an easy route to the sink, a step, hand wipes, etc.

Another suggestion would be not to have sweets for dipping into the fountain. Although children will love it, you don’t want them feeling sick afterwards. Instead, serve strawberry, apple, and banana pieces, etc.

Make your Home Party Special

Party decorations can look fantastic whatever your budget and will add to the party atmosphere at you home party. Have fun planning and making decorations for your child’s home party.

Do you have any great party decorating ideas to share?

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