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Build Your Own Teddy Bear Party at Home – Five Questions You Might Ask

Our build your own teddy bear kits for your home party make a fantastic party activity to include alongside traditional party games or other craft activities. Our plush teddies are adorable, and your child’s friends will just love being able to make their own special teddy friend. Whichever teddies you choose, they will really be the highlight of your child’s party and make a great take-home gift.

But you might not be confident enough to host a build your own teddy bear party. Well, here we are to help. Here are the top five questions asked and what we recommend.

So how do you host a teddy bear building party?

Are The Bears Easy To Make?

All our bears are easy to make and require no sewing. Each bear building kit contains the plush skin, stuffing, satin heart, adoption certificate and gift bag. Instructions are also available, but the process is simple: just open the back of the teddy up, pull out the stuffing bag and place the stuffing into the bear starting with the legs and arms. When the bear is stuffed to your liking, pull the cable tie on the stuffing bag pop it inside the bear and close the Velcro fastening.

It is so easy to do, that older children should be able to do it unaided, though support is beneficial.

From What Age are Build your own Teddy Bear Kits for?

For safety, our teddies are tested and are suitable for ages three plus. We recommend that those in primary school are best suited for these style of parties; though we have had orders for older recipients.

Do I Need to Choose a Party Package?

We don’t offer party packs as numbers to children’s parties vary so much. This also allows you to pick and choose the bears from our many options. You may have a theme in mind, for example, ‘Unicorns’, ‘Dogs’ or ‘Wildlife’ and wish to select a range of teddies. Your child may wish to choose each of their friend’s favourite animal. Or you might just want all the same teddies to save any arguments!

Our flexibility allows you to choose and have fun choosing!

How Long Does the Activity Take?

30 mins for fewer children building small teddies or an hour for an average party size with large teddies. This means you have much less time to worry about filling. You can easily create a fun-packed party by providing either two or three party games, or sports activity, or a home craft like making fairy wands alongside the teddy making, and then with half an hour or so to eat – your party is all planned! Your child’s friends will likely want to play with their new friends after they’ve made them and may like some time in the garden to play with them.

How do I Keep Costs Low / What if I’m on a limited budget?

If your budget is tight, we do have some options for you. First, consider having small bears to stuff as these are cheaper but still fantastic fun and great quality. They will also be quicker to stuff and easier so may be a better option for younger children.

Check out our regular offers such as free delivery on orders over £20, and we also over discounts for orders over £50 & £100. We also offer themed offers on a weekly basis, so keep an eye out for those on our homepage, subscribe to our mailing list or like us on Facebook.

Have fun with your build a teddy bear at home party!!

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