What’s In My Bear Building Kit?

What’s In Your Bear Building Kit?

Party Teddies supplies everything you need to build your own teddy in our bear building kit.

Teddy Plush Skin

Our super soft teddy plush skins are the outer part that you stuff. They feel soft and cuddly even before you fill them! Our teddies are fun and adorable and making them is a fantastic party or home craft activity.

We carefully check all plush teddy skins before packing, so we know they are in perfect condition before we send them to you.

Super-Soft Stuffing

We include super-soft, high-quality hypoallergenic stuffing with every bear making kit. Our stuffing packs come in two sizes, small and large. We supply a stuffing pack per teddy depending on the teddy’s size.

Each stuffing pack should contain more than enough stuffing to fill a single bear, and it’s most likely you will have extra stuffing left over.

Satin Wishing Heart

No bear building kit would be complete without a wishing heart. Place the heart into the bear just before closing the pocket. Your child, or you, should make a wish as you place the heart into the teddy, but don’t tell anyone your wish – otherwise, it might not come true!

Adoption Certificate

We include an adoption certificate with every teddy bear building kit. Once you’ve bought your teddy to life, think of a name and keep a record of a fun day.

Stylish Gift Bag

Choose from one of two colours of our lovely candy-striped gift bag with handles. Once made up, our teddies make a wonderful take home gift so you can tick party bags of your list as well. Our bags are made from thick paper so you can easily write the children’s names on their bag, so they don’t get muddled.

If your teddy building kit is a gift, our pretty bags ensure your present is packaged in style.

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