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Five Autumn Craft Activities To Enjoy With Your Children

While many people look at autumn as the start of the cold weather, we look rather differently at this season. This is a great time. There are so many opportunities for fun and games for children, and as adults, I must admit, I like doing autumn craft too.

So, if you need inspiration for some autumnal craft activities to do with your children, here’s a selection of our favourites.

1. Leaf Rubbing

With so many leaves on the ground this time of year, you’ve got a lot of free craft resources just up for grabs. Leaf rubbing is probably the most obvious, but still fun. You can make it more interesting by trying to create faces out of the leaf rubbings.

Alternatively, don’t use just one colour for leaf rubbing – make it multi-coloured.

2. Collage

This is a fun activity and can be done with leaves and other autumnal finds from your walks. You can add other craft materials you may have at home. You’ll need some PVA glue and some card; you could even cut the card in the shape of a leaf for your child to stick their items too.

3. Tissue Wreaths

Tissue wreaths are a great activity and younger children love to scrunch up tissue paper and glue them to paper. Cut out a wreath shape from card for your child to stick the scrunched-up tissue to and then you can use the finished item as a proud decoration. Try using autumn colours!

4. Finger Puppets

Encourage your kids to set up their own finger puppet theatre. Finger puppets can be made a piece of material such as felt stitched to fit snuggly on their finger and decorated with buttons and other materials. You could use a large cardboard box to make a theatre stage. Challenge them to come up with a story and then present it to the rest of the household or even the extended family (if they want to).

5. Teddy Bear Making Kits

Well, we had to mention this one really. We have some lovely Teddy bear building kits that make a great activity for a rainy day. You could choose a soft toy animal to stuff and then learn all about it.

What is your favourite autumn craft? Send us your pictures or suggestions – you never know we might add them to the list here or on our Facebook page!

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